Here is some useful information to know as a new international student in Kalmar


Packing List

First of all, the ESN Kalmar Crew would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to Linnaeus University in Kalmar!  We can ensure you that you will enjoy your stay here in Sweden and make a lot of interesting friends.

There is a lot planning to do when you are travelling to new country, so we have complied a is short list of important information and things to consider packing that you can use and tick it off when it is completed.

  • MUST have a validated passport and it should not expire during your semester here in Sweden. Also  make an copy of it.
  • At least two passport sized photographs for future road trips. For more info check the link at the bottom of this document.
  • ID card or driving license.
  • Bring along your student ID card from your home university or ISIC.
  • Do not forget your credit card! Here in Sweden, almost any kind of credit card is accepted. The most common ones like VISA, MasterCard and Maestro work fine here. You will open your own bank account once you arrive in Sweden. More info will be given to you upon arrival.
  • Documents such as insurance documents for medical and travel, the Letter of Acceptance from your university, and  a list of all vaccination you have taken are important to have with you. It might happen that you need a vaccine here in Sweden or before going on our road trips and the list will be a great reference to see which one you already have taken.
  • There is also a possibility that your cell phone might not work when you arrive in Sweden. So make sure that your parents have taken that into consideration when they are trying to contact you. You will receive a Swedish SIM card in your welcome gift bag when you arrive at campus.
  • Get the phone number of your country’s embassy here in Sweden.
  • Be sure to get the phone number of your mentor
  • Check how many kilos you are allowed to bring on the flight. It is usually somewhere around 20 kilos for each passenger's checked luggage and hand baggage is 10 kg. Be sure to weigh your bags before you leave, otherwise you will charged for every extra kilos.
  • Do not pack too much! You can always buy stuff here.
  • Laptop and camera. Dont' forget your charger for each one!
  • When you book your flight to Sweden the big airports are; 'Kopenhagen Lufthavn (CPH) Denmark', 'Malmö Sturup (MMX)', 'Gothenburg Landvetter (GOT)', and 'Stockholm Arlanda (ARN)'.  Two other airports in Stockholm are 'Bromma (BMA)' and 'Skavsta (NYO)'. Take a look on our link page for links to some airline companies and the Swedish railway (SJ) for booking your tickets to Kalmar. If you live close to Sweden, you can take small flights into 'Växjö Airport (VXO)', from there you take the train to Kalmar.Kalmar also has a small airport (KLR), a bit outside of Kalmar. We will have a pick-up service for a certain date, where we will drive you to the campus. If you want this service, you should schedule your flight on the official arrival dates. More info about this will be sent ton this later on.  Otherwise, you can ask if your mentor has a car or take the bus.
  • Pack some warm clothes because during the Autumn and Winter it can get really cold here in Sweden. Otherwise you can just buy what you need here if you need space in your luggage for other things.
  • Finally bring some food for your flight so that you have something to eat while you make your journey to Kalmar. Don't forget to bring pocket money.


Opening a bank account in Kalmar

There are different banks in Kalmar and in this page you can find what you need to have to be able to open an account within one of these banks. This page will be constantly updated with the information that we receive from different banks.

Following are rules for opening a bank account in SEB in Kalmar:

Nordic Citizen:

  • Passport
  • Admission letter
  • Accommodation Leases

EU/EES Citizen:

  • Passport
  • Admission Letter
  • Accommondation Leases
  • A receipt that you have registered yourself at the Immigration Office "Migrationsverket".

Outside of Europe:

  • Biometrics Card (Residence) "Uppehållstillstånd"
  • Passport
  • Admission Letter
  • Accomondation Leases

You should take the original papers with you, and the bank will make copies of them. 


Medical care