Role-play to solve the refugee crisis? Why not. In the project SocialErasmus, students give a number of solutions for a better world.

It is ESN, Erasmus Student Network that through the project, arranged a debate in the university this Thursday. Students and the chairman of the city council Roger Kaliff (S) participated in the debate where the refugee crisis, the Turkey-contract and what can be done in order to improve the situation for refugees and the receiving countries so that everyone can be satisfied, was on the agenda.

On streaming link, there was also a representative from a similar organization in Turkey. The participants got one country to represent and the reasoning of improvements should be considered in terms of the actual country’s view in the question. Laura Baram and Camille Ratabovic got assigned Hungary. -“It is hard since we don’t know much about the country. At the same time they are very clear with how they view the crisis. Hungary spends more money on building fences to prevent refugees to enter the country than on spending to receive them. The money is there, but not the will to help” says Laura Baram. Some of the suggestions that was brought up was to let unemployed become mentors for the refugees for a smaller payment, offer mortgages so that they can start companies, open up schools in the way that has been done in Sweden, let refugees to do easier work within industries that they have worked with in their home country, and to make sure that qualified professionals get jobs through less bureaucracy.

ESN is also working with more concrete projects, by raising money to 15 refugee families in Izmir, Turkey. ESN is focusing on how we, together with small funds can make the world a better place, Ariana Carvalho, moderator.

Original text from: Barometern 26 May 2016