ESN Kalmar Lapland Express with Stockholm

Unfortunately, not enough people signed up for the Lapland trip this semester meaning Scanbalt cannot run a trip from Kalmar. However, we came up with different solutions in order to make a trip to Lapland still possible for you all!

The following is a summary of your opportunities, suggested by Scanbalt and us:

1. Cancel your booking with the full refund.
2. Departure from Linköping 25.02 - 02.03
3. Departure from Stockholm 07.03 - 12.03

4. You are free to join other tours as well if there are dates and departures that suit you better. All trips to Lapland are available online (

If you did not decide on going to Lapland yet, you can still book a trip which suits you the most.

!!! PLEASE NOTE that you now need to organize your trip from Kalmar to your departure point and back by yourself !!!

REMEMBER that your booking is canceled (with the full refund) by Friday morning if you do not send an answer to the email you received from Scanbalt.

If you are interested in combining your trip to Lapland with a stay -for example in Stockholm- beforehand or after,
Scanbalt is happy to help with Hostel booking as they might have better prices/conditions as you can find on the internet.
(Therefore, just get in contact with Scanbalt by email)

In order to give you an overview who is going to Lapland and when I created the Facebook group "Lapland Spring 2018". Some students might be interested in organizing the trip to the departure point together.

/ESN Kalmar Crew