Welcome to Kalmar, the small student city at the sea!
Kalmar is a cozy town and would be rather quiet if it wasn't for the 6000 students occupying the city. Located in the south east of Sweden the climate offers cool summer days (approximately 20-30 degrees) and mild winters, temperatures varying from just above 0 to several minus degrees with enough snow to have snowball fights.

Kalmar is one of Sweden's oldest cities which can be seen in many features of buildings and landmarks such as the cathedral and the castle. The castle dates back to the 12th century and nice place to have a stroll. Sometimes it proudly hosts events for the University.
The city has a range of food stores, from big supermarkets to smaller convenient stores. It offers enough shops to keep you satisfied for a while, but if you're looking for good shopping you'll have to make way to one of the bigger cities in Sweden.
Kalmar city centre offers a variety of resaurants and alot of cozy cafes where you can study if you get tired of the University library, however Kalmar also offers a vibrant night life. On Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays that is.
There is a mixture of different types of apartments and dorms all around Kalmar, some on campus and some not, but don't worry! Kalmar isn't that big, you can get anywhere with your feet, or better by bike. We'll make sure you'll find your way around after the introduction weeks.
Click here to see important places in the city.
Hope to see you soon in Kalmar!