Spring is finally here and soon so is summer!

Each and every student organization of Kalmar, in cooperation with Linnéstudenterna, want to celebrate this end of the year and the coming summer with the event: SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER !

When? May 27th!
Where? Park Hermina!
Tickets? It's for free!!


IMPORTANT: It will NOT be possible to pay at the door, you must get a ticket beforehand! Since Linnéstudenterna is paying for this party, they have handed tickets out to the different student unions. There is only 700 in total, and ESN got 50 of them! The tickets are now sold out, as the we organized a distribution on the 27th April at the office.

Note to our swedish members: Linnestudenterna har bestämt att man ska hämta sin biljett hos den förening man tillhör, även ifall man inte är medlem där. Vi har inte så många biljetter, och hänvisar därför er till er "egna" förening! D.v.s pluggar du ekonomi får du din biljett hos ESS, sjöfart till Lambda osv. De kommer släppa sina biljetter 2a maj.

27/05/2017 - 22:00