The month of May is soon upon us and, within a few weeks, the spring term will draw to a close. Perhaps this means the start of something new in your life. More travel abroad? A return home to friends and family? Maybe you will spend the summer in Sweden. As new opportunities arise, ESN Kalmar will be saying “Goodbye” to many of you.
But before you leave, ESN Kalmar will throw a Goodbye dinner at Harry’s at 7 PM on May 21st. Tickets for the dinner cost 200 kronor, in which includes a main course, dessert and one drink. Seating is limited to 55 – 70 seats. Tickets can be purchased during office hours, so be sure to stop by when we’re open. The deadline for purchasing tickets will be May 12th.

For those of you who buy a ticket for the dinner, you will get in to Harry's afterwards for 50 kronor. That is to say, you will get a discount on the cover charge for the afterparty.

Wear your formal attire and plan accordingly for the weather. Rain or shine, let's make the dinner memorable for everyone!

21/05/2016 - 19:00