With a heavy heart it is time to inform you that it is time to start planning on the last official event of the Fall 2015 semester - The Goodbye Dinner. One last time, we will gather, celebrate and cherish the fond memories of the short time we've had together.

The dinner will be a two-course meal, with a main course, dessert, one drink (beer, cider or wine) and free entrance to a club. The price for this event will be 100 kr.

And just to make things a bit more memorable, there will be a theme of famous characters. So dress up and look snappy! This is your last chance to play dress up, so go big or go home. Or in your case, go big, then go home!

This is the official end of the semester with ESN and to celebrate, you are welcome to perform your own skit, give a speech or do something that you find suitable and will make the evening even more special. We will, according to tradition, play games, sing sings and make sure you'll have a night that you'll never forget.

This extraordinary night is for ESN members only!

The dinner will be at Stadshotell (by Pipes of Scotland), We'll start selling tickets tomorrow during office hours, 11 AM - 13 PM.