Hello all international-minded students in Kalmar!

ESN Kalmar will have a Fill in election and now we have eight fantastic positions open for Fall 2018! Being involved in ESN, as a board member is an amazing experience, a great memory and something extra to put on your resume. You will get to know our international students and also improve your cultural knowledge.

You are eligible to apply if you are a student in Kalmar and can work in English language. This is your chance to become a part of the best team ever!

How to apply? Send us an email (contact@esnkalmar.org) or/and show up at Falken Auditorium on May 17th at 17.00.

Open positions:
- VICE PRESIDENT: as our Vice President you are responsible for communication between ESN Kalmar and other ESN sections.
You try to implement ESN projects at local level and replace the President when she/he cannot fulfill her/his commitments. We are looking for someone who is flexible, organized and have an interest in meeting our international students.

- TREASURER: your job as Treasurer is to keep track on all the economic activity and do the union's accounting. You also support the other board members when needed. To apply for this role, you need to have a Swedish ID-number, and you also need to be structured and have an interest in economy

- MENTOR RESPONSIBLE: as a Mentor Responsible you make sure that all international students get a mentor for their semester/year in Kalmar. You are responsible for the contact with the mentors during the semester and keep contact with the International Office and are responsible for the access to their database.

- EVENT RESPONSIBLE: as an Event Responsible you are responsible for projects / activities that ESN Kalmar implements and coordinate joint events with other student organizations. Together with the President you are having ultimate responsibility for the introduction weeks. Also, you work together with the Vice Event Responsible.

- VICE EVENT RESPONSIBLE: as a Vice Event Responsible you work as a "right hand" for the Event Responsible and help her/him out with different events/activities that are implemented. If you are into planning and executing events you are what we are looking for.

- IT & COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER: as an IT & Communications Officer your main job is to manage/keep updated the social media channels of ESN Kalmar (Facebook & Instagram) and esnkalmar.org website. You share the information for the international students. Also, you make posters/flyers when needed. This role is flexible and you would need to have some basic IT knowledge.

- SPONSOR RESPONSIBLE: the biggest job of our sponsor responsible is to contact possible sponsors and maintain the relation. Sponsors are very important to us since ESN is a non-profit organization. We are looking for someone who likes to do a little bit of everything, as the sponsor responsible will help the other board members with different duties.

- TRAVEL COORDINATOR: as our Travel Coordinator, your main job is to organize trips that occur during the semester. These trips go to Russia, Lapland and Tallinn/Riga (Sea Battle). We are looking for someone who is organized, flexible, patient but also social and has good communication skills.

- SECRETARY: as a Secretary you are responsible for all documentation at our board meetings. You are also the Exchangeability Coordinator meaning that you are responsible for giving out information about the university's ability to accommodate students with some kind of disability, and to make sure that the student(s) do not feel excluded from the union.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you! :)

/ESN Kalmar Crew

17/05/2018 - 17:00