Join our ESN Kalmar Board!!

It’s time to have our fill in election, which means that you can become a member of the ESN Board (YAY)! Being involved in ESN, as a board member is an amazing experience, a great memory and something extra to put on your resume.

Who can apply? Anyone who wants to be a part of the best team ever!

How to apply? Send us an email with a small application and tell us who you are, what position you are applying for and why you would be a good fit ( or/and show up at Falken Auditorium on February 15th at 18.00.

Who are we looking for?
- SPONSOR RESPONSIBLE: the biggest job of our sponsor responsible is to contact possible sponsors and maintain the relation. Sponsors are very important to us since ESN is a non-profit organization. We are looking for someone who likes to do a little bit of everything, as the sponsor responsible will help the other board members with different duties.

- TRAVEL COORDINATOR: as our travel coordinator, your main job is to organize trips that occur during the semester. These trips go to Russia, Lapland and Tallinn/Riga (Sea Battle). We are looking for someone who is very organized, flexible, patient but also social and has good communication skills.

For further questions, contact us:
Don't miss this chance! :)

EDIT: We have changed the date of the Fill in election to February 15th so now you have more time to apply and we have more time to build up a candidacy list.

15/02/2018 - 18:00 to 19:00