Create your own Culture Night!

During the introduction week you were all invited to a Swedish Culture Night at Kalmar Nyckel. The Culture Nights are events where you can teach others about your country; your food, traditional games, music and whatever else you'll like to show them.

What we expect from your Culture Night:
- A presentation about your country (to make it more fun you can talk about the oddities of your country).
- An activity (a game or quiz or something), the more traditional, the more fun!
- Samples of traditional foods for at least 50 people (not a full dinner each!) and perhaps something to drink.
- A list of the people who have been involved in preparing the culture night.

Some things to remember when creating a Culture Night are that these are sober events, and that you'll have to prepare everything yourself (the board are more than happy to help with cooking if you feel like you're not enough people). You will get a reimbursement of 800 SEK, if you'll give us the receipt (we can't reimburse you for any alcohol!). The board will be providing cups, plates, cutlery etc. Culture nights will typically start around 18-19 and go on for about two hours. You can't drink alcohol at Nyckeln but feel free to go have a party elsewhere afterwards!

If you're interested in hosting a Culture Night send an email to and pick a date for when you want to book Kalmar Nyckel.