The Buddies

ESN buddies help the ESN Kalmar board during the introduction weeks in the fall semester.

During the introduction week a lot of international students are looking forward to meet each other and have fun. The board need help to have a better organised introduction week. Buddies, together with the board, are wearing those nice green overalls during the whole introduction, and have certain responsibilities towards the international students as well. There is usually eight buddies.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email us at:

Here's the buddies for this semester!

  • Adis Licina
  • Anton Sannestam
  • Bianca Bernhardsson
  • Dan Ericsson
  • Ella Carlsson
  • Fredrik Karlsson
  • Isabell Fredriksson
  • Jesper Jonasson
  • Joey Pool
  • Linda Arvidsson
  • Linda Smedberg
  • Lukas Kryzanauskas
  • Malin Nylund
  • Marcus Andersson
  • Marcus Turesson
  • Sofia Petersson
  • Tim Selimi
  • Torbjörn Sjölin