Become A Board Member

Apply to Kalmar's most international board today!

Being on ESN Kalmar's Board of Directors is one of the most fun things you can do during your studies in Kalmar. You get to meet new friends from around the world, develop yourself, and the usual cliché, have an awesome experience to put on your CV. International students are incredibly fun and are eager to try new things. It requires a relatively fast pace to keep up with them. But the work is definitely worth it! After a year on the board, you can travel the world and visit all your new international friends. Being a member of the Board gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself. Being a member of ESN Kalmar's Board is, of course, amazing!
At the moment we are holding Fill in Election in Falken Auditorium in May 17th at 5.00PM. We are looking for Vice President, Event Coordinator, Vice Event Coordinator, IT & Communications Officer, Treasurer, Sponsor Responsible, Mentor Responsible, Travel Coordinator and Secretary to join our Board.


Eligible applicants to the Board
- What are the requirements to join board?
To join the ESN Kalmar's board, no special entry requirements. However, it is a big advantage if you can speak English with relative ease, you certainly do not need to be an expert, but some basic knowledge is required. Being social and able to connect with new people easily is an advantage.
- Do I have to study anything in particular?
No, anyone can apply!
- How much time will I spend with ESN?
This really depends on how much time you want to devote yourself. Some weeks required more time than others. Normally, 2-3 hours a week is effective, but during introduction (and the weeks before) more than 6 hours a day is to be expected. However, there are no minimum hours per week.
- What should I write in the application?
Write something about yourself and what makes you suitable as a board member of ESN. Do not worry if you do not have a long resume, everyone is called in for an interview!
The Board
- How often do you have meetings?
Right now we have board meetings every week but this is up to the new board to decide how often they want to meet. We sometimes get together at someone’s house with a bit of punch and cookies to make it more fun.
- How many people are on the board?
The Board consists of 10 people: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Administrator, Event Responsible, Vice-Event Responsible, IT & Communications Responsible, Mentor Responsible, Travel Coordinator, and Sponsor Responsible.
- What are the tasks of the different Board member positions?
This can be seen in the attached file below.
- Are Board members paid?
No, the Board post is not compensated, however, you get a chance to go on various trips, sit in on meetings and events, and above all, meeting people from around the world
General ESN Information
- What do you actually do?
ESN Kalmar stands for Erasmus Student Network. We take care of international students who come to Linnaeus University in Kalmar. This entails contacting them before they come here, assigning them a Swedish mentor and providing them with an introduction week. During the semester we organize various events for the international students, ranging from parties to laser game tournaments, and trips to the sauna. Every year we go to different meetings in Sweden to meet with other sections of ESN Sweden and once a year we attend an international meeting with all ESN sections in Europe.
- How many students are a part of ESN Kalmar?
During the fall semester, approximately 100+ students are a part of ESN Kalmar.  In the spring semester, there are around 50-60 students.

- Where will the students come from?
Our international students come mainly from Europe, but some students also come from USA, Australia, and Asia.